David Shearer

  • MP for Mt Albert (candidate for Mt Albert in 2014)
  • Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs
  • Spokesperson for Energy

David Shearer is the MP for Mt Albert and Spokesman for Foreign Affairs and Energy. His life has been dedicated to the service of others both in New Zealand and internationally. Prior to entering politics he ran large-scale humanitarian operations for the United Nations and Save the Children in areas of conflict including Iraq, West Bank and Gaza, Afghanistan, Somalia and Rwanda. He believes New Zealand should be the best country in the world, where everyone can get a fair go and anyone prepared to work for it can achieve their dreams.

Contact Details

Parliamentary office

Phone: 04 817 9793

Email: david.shearer@parliament.govt.nz

Electorate office

Address: Level 1, 901 New North Rd

Mt Albert, Auckland

Phone: 09 845 1919

Email: david.shearer@parliament.govt.nz