New Zealand should be the fairest, most decent society in the world. And we can get there together by focussing on the positive things that really matter to Kiwi families. Labour will put people first. We’ll make sure there are more affordable homes, that there are more secure jobs with higher wages, and that our kids get the best start.


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Our values

  • Family

    We’ll make sure all Kiwi kids get the best start in life. Our policies will give parents more time to be parents and will empower young people to succeed at school and out in our communities.
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  • Work

    Labour’s Economic Upgrade policy package will deliver better jobs and higher incomes for all New Zealanders - as we move to a cleaner, smarter, and higher-value economy.
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  • Home

    Everyone should have the chance to own their own home but home ownership rates are the lowest they’ve been in 50 years. We’ll restore this Kiwi dream by making home ownership and rent more affordable.
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Latest news

  • Labour's Review: Terms of Reference Agreed


    Following a meeting of its ruling New Zealand Council yesterday, Labour has released the terms of reference for the comprehensive review initiated following its 2014 election result.  The review will comprise three elements

    - a review of Labour's 2014 General Election campaign;

    - a review of Labour's political positioning going forward, with reference to the past three General Election results; and

    - recommendations for rebuilding and modernising Labour.

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  • Get the facts on CGT


    There’s lots of talk flying around about what our Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) proposals do and don’t cover.

    Here’s a short post to debunk the most common myths which our opponents have been scaremongering with, and to set out why CGT will help our economy, make our country fairer and help solve our housing crisis.

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